Professional Members - Intermediate

Colclough, Julian Intermediate Work Key: B X
Address: 2 New Cottages, Lower Road, Knightley, Stafford, Staffordshire, ST20 0JT England
Tel: 01785 284634
Mobile: 07879 445540
Hollins, David Intermediate Work Key: B X Y Z
Address: 7 Mulberry Way, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 5TL England
Tel: 01538 370246
Mobile: 07709 326369
Rogers, Andrew Intermediate Work Key: B Y
Address: 17 Kings Avenue, Wolstanton, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 8DA England
Tel: 01782 713180
Mobile: 07929 570712

Craftsman Certification

A summary of the four levels of certification is given below.

MASTER CRAFTSMAN CERTIFICATE HOLDERSHave a proven ability to produce quality work to a high standard in a variety of commercial conditions including the construction of a full range of features, eg steps, stiles, sheep holes, pillars, arches, etc.
ADVANCED CERTIFICATE HOLDERSHave a proven ability to build set pieces of work with an emphasis on finish and quality including construction of retaining walls, curves and work on sloping ground.
INTERMEDIATE CERTIFICATE HOLDERSHave demonstrated their ability to construct a sound, free-standing dry stone wall which includes a cheekend.
INITIAL CERTIFICATE HOLDERSHave demonstrated their ability to rebuild gaps in free-standing dry stone walls. This certificate is usually obtained part way through training.

Craftsman Work Key

Where provided, each entry also shows a series of letters describing the location and range of work undertaken, which are as follows

AWorks within approx. 20 miles of base
BWorks within approx. 50 miles of base
CWorks within approx. 100 miles of base
DWorks anywhere
GHolds additional certificate in Galloway Dyking
XUndertakes work suitable for one person
YUndertakes work suitable for two-three people
ZUndertakes large scale work (written confirmation requested by DSWA that min. £2.5m public liability insurance held)

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